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The heart of the SquidDogs ecosystem, we are a game development studio with a special interest in DeFi associated projects. 



Animals Crossing Roads launch, Missing 1155 updates, website relaunch 3/28/22

SquidDogs Studios is back, revamped and better than ever with 2 new games and a soon to be NFT platform for ALL of our games and NFTs!

Also, the SquidDogs ecosystem is now in full swing! SquidDogs, Koromaru Inu, and Capitol Games are all fully integrated parts of the same overall project. With each project representing an important part of the overall philosophy and goals of SquidDogs, we look forward to building a powerful community with an even stronger foothold in the crypto market. Platforms, services, manga, games, NFTs, you name it.
The SquidDogs ecosystem has it all!

Current Projects

Honkler's Revenge

Agent Honkler and what's left of Meme-Team-Six, battle against Lord Cybog and his band of bear market minions in a last ditch attempt to safe the Honklerverse.

Animals Crossing Roads

Updated Weekly

Cross roads as your favorite Derpy Animal NFT while you collect various types of sandwiches to craft items and earn crypto!

Missing 1155

Final Development Stages

Play to earn multiplayer NFT anime waifu survival horror game made by SquidDogs for Koromaru Inu. If nobody survives, there's no reward. But the more players who live, the less every player earns! There's no such thing as friendly fire, just tying up loose ends.

Coming Soon

Ghost of Kekistan

Multi-Plat, Mobile and WEBGL

Bullet Hell style arcade shooter with P2E and Zombog Functions. 

TopGun: NFT Aerial Combat


Players will compete to outlast each other in 10v10 Squadron Based Combat. Every Missile, Every Bullet, and Every Life counts with Weekly Tournaments paying players up to dozens of ETH. Summer '22 Release

Final Filibuster VII: Migrant Children


A fighting game unlike any you've ever seen before, or ever will again, First Demo Release 4/1/22

Koro Card Kollection

NFT trading cards

Originally for the beta project Koro Card Kombat, we plan to integrate them into Missing 1155 and other titles, and to also accompany the manga in future card releases. Cards will have odd and surprising in-game effects, abilities, and buffs.

NFT Game Cards 

Order Now!

Island Boy Card Pack

1 of 100

Bait Man Card

1 of 100

Rare Pepe Card Pack

1 of 1000

SquidDogs Ecosystem Portal

Capitol Games ($CPTL)


Koromaru Inu ($KOROMARU)


Derpy Animal NFTs

Animals Crossing Roads NFT Collection

Derpy Rooster

Unlockable in game - Buyable on D1

Derpy Raccoon

Unlockable in game - Buyable on D1

Derpy Pigeon

Unlockable in game - Buyable on D1

GameFi done Right...

We do our best to transparently and honestly describe our mission and our projects, always DYOR and remember nothing anyone in this space tells you is Financial Advice, only you can make the right call, on where to best place your DeFi assets. Power to the Player Bros... Nothing is Beyond Our Reach!

Gamers are the single largest digital entertainment demographic on the planet. They're also one of the least served by their industry. Next to 0 returns on their investments, and stock holders that could care less whether or not they're actually enjoying the product. GameFi has given us a chance to rectify that, but too many projects are already squandering the value in this space with soft rugs and get rich quick schemes.

SquidDogs aims to take a different approach, a steady stream of great content curated by a development team that is as in-tune with DeFi investors as they are the general gaming market. We know how to make fun games, and provide endless entertainment VALUE. No pump and dump exit scams, no vaporware games that nobody wants to play. Just fresh, original IP that appeals to the person that matters. You... Welcome to SquidDogs. Let's have some fun.

SquidDogs Token
Total Supply

Tokens Locked for 1 year

100% of initial liquidity locked for 6-12 months

Exclusive in game benefits for SQDDOGS holders

Native Currency for all of our games.

API and Dev Tool access for developers holding sufficient SQDDOGS Tokens.


Right now we are buidling our product portfolio and adding as much utility as possible, while continuing to add new members to our studio team.

Deploy Token*
Develop P2E System*
Organic Growth*
Advertising Platform-
Multi-Game Arcade-
500+ hodlers


This is stage where we start marketing our already Market Viable Products, no false hype launch here, just steady organic growth.

More aggressive Marketing-
Advertising Revenue-
NFT Node Staking-
NFT Platform Onramp-
2500+ Hodlers


This is where we truly separate ourselves from the market posers.

Developer Tools-
Indie Dev Publishing Platform -
Publisher Profit Sharing with Token Holders-
25000+ Holders


Full Defi Suite tailored to Gamers-

Multiple P2E and Advertising partner based onramps for Gamers-

SquidDogs Gaming wallet and ios/android P2E tracking app-

VR Trading Lounge, with access to wallets, NFTs, Friends, Charts, Movies and Music Squid-Verse if you would -

100,000+ Holders-

Founding Team

Wut Honker

Project Management/Solidity Dev/Game Designer

Chad Honkler

Art Director/Game Designer


Developer/Game Designer

The Jacob

Marketing Boss



3d Artist

Lemon Sprinkles

Human Resources


Audio Engineer


Community Manager

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