SquidDogs Arcade

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Current Arcade Titles

Honklers Revenge 

PC - P2E

Agent Honkler and what's left of Meme-Team-Six, battle against Lord Cybog and his band of bear market minions in a last ditch attempt to safe the Honklerverse.

($CPTL Holders P2E Exclusive as of 3/30/22)

Animals Crossing Roads

PC/Mobile Soon - NFT/P2E

Cross roads as your favorite Derpy Animal NFT while you collect various types of sandwiches to craft items and earn crypto!

Currently only playable on Windows PC, with no requirements to play. 

Sandwich Economy 
Coming Soon (Click for details)

Missing 1155

PC - P2E

Waifus, NFTs, Zombies, P2E, Survival Horror, PVP and more.